General Sales Terms and Conditions

General Provisions

Under no circumstances may the renter have the right to remain in the premises upon expiry of the rental period initially stipulated in this contract, except with prior agreement from the owner.
No changes herein (lines crossed out, additions ...) will be accepted in drafting the contract without the agreement of both parties.

Use of Premises

The renter will use the rental peacefully and take good care of it, in accordance with the premises’ initial purpose.
Upon his/her departure, the renter agrees to leave the rental as clean as it was at the time of his/her arrival.
The rental must not be used by third parties in any way, except with the owner’s prior consent.
The owner will provide the lodging in accordance with the description given and will maintain it in working order.

Security Deposit

The amount of the security deposit will be not be more than the rental cost, without exceeding one month.
If no observations are made during the pre-departure inspection, the security deposit will be returned to the renter at time of departure. In the event of damages or missing items in the rental for which the renter is responsible, the cost of repairs or replacement will be deducted from this deposit with receipts provided by the owner; the balance will be reimbursed no later than two months thereafter.

Specific Cases

The number of renters/guests cannot be greater than the number indicated in the rental contract.
On a purely exceptional basis and subject to the owner’s consent, an exception to this rule may be made.
In this case, the owner will have the right to charge a supplement which must be communicated to the renter beforehand and added to the rental agreement.


The presence of family pets, in spite of the owner’s refusal, will lead to the immediate termination of this contract.

Inspection and Inventory

The inspection and inventory of furniture and miscellaneous equipement will take place at the beginning and end of the stay with the owner and renter both present.


The booking will be in effect as soon as the renter sends back a signed copy of this contract with a 25% deposit, before the date indicated on the front page.
The balance will be paid the day of arrival.
If the renter will be arriving later than the arrival date, he/she must advise the owner beforehand and send him the rental balance on the initial starting date of the rental.

Early Termination of Stay

In the event of early termination of a stay by the renter, and if the owner is not to blame, no refund will be given, with the exception of the security deposit.

Cancellation Terms

Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or telegram:

a) Prior to the commencement date:
As a general rule, the owner will keep the initial 25% deposit; however, it will be refunded if the rental is rented to someone else for the same period and for the same price.

b) If the renter does not show up on the date stipulated in the contract:
After a deadline of 24 hours and with no notice given to the owner:
- This contract will be considered as terminated,
- The owner will keep the deposit,
- The owner may rent out the rental.

c) In the event of cancellation of the rental,  twice the amount of the deposit will be paid, upon notification of said cancellation.


The renter must insure the premises provided or rented to him/her.
He/She must thus check if his/her primary home insurance policy covers holiday rentals.
If this is not the case, he/she must contact his/her insurance company and request that an additional “holiday rental” cover clause be added or take out a seperate “holiday rental” insurance contract.
He/She will be asked for a copy of the insurance certificate upon entering the premises or failing this, a sworn statement.

Litigation or Claims

If the security deposit is insufficient, the lessee agrees to add the missing amount after the departure inventory.
Any claims will only be taken into account during the legal period of the contract if the claim is from the renter.
Both parties agree to comply with and respect all clauses of the present contract. In the event of disagreement between the parties, the court of the owner’s place of residence will have jurisdiction.

General Sales Terms